We address the importance of practising care as a way of living that shapes all of our actions and helps to acknowledge contemporary issues. We believe that “to care” is to be subject to the unsettling obligation of curiosity which leads us to know more at the end of the day than at the beginning.

“Care” can be seen as a way to be solidary. Without solidarity, there’s no society. We depend on each other, yet the interdependence we know so far is a functionalist one, which is based on rewarding the performativity of each part. In Derviçan we experienced a notion of care we want to unearth further  through our proposals.

Our understanding of care stems  from the singularities observed in Derviçan and our proposals push further the practice of care in  its community, materials, locations, celebrations, traditions, individuals; based on our personal approach.

The projects address lessons learned in (and with the)place and their development into many topics, articulating  our singularities. They resonate back there or grow outwards to other settings - hoping to challenge the established concepts  of modern society.  Our attempts synchronise in doing so by visibilising Derviçan and  explore ways to amplify the notion and act of caring through design.

We believe that the notion of care can connect us with others in our quest for change. In this era of uncertainty, care can help us to establish a direction to act.

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